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Increase Your Happiness

What if accepting yourself and everything that comes along with you could elevate your happiness? A survey of 5,000 people was conducted by the charity Action for Happiness, in collaboration with Do Something Different, asking them to rate themselves, between 1 and 10, on ten habits identified as being keys to happiness.

The habits:

Giving, Receiving, Exercising, Appreciating, Trying-out, Direction, Resilience, Emotion, Acceptance, and Meaning; the acronym GREAT DREAM.

All 10 habits were strongly linked to life satisfaction, with acceptance found to be the habit that predicts it most strongly and yet revealed as practiced the least, generating the lowest average score. When asked how often they were kind to themselves and thought of themselves as, fine as they were, almost 46% rated themselves at a 5 or less and only 5% put themselves at a 10.

Societal pressures to be successful and our desire to make a good impression invites an extreme amount of stress and unhappiness into our lives; true happiness emanates from the inside out.

How can we begin to heal and reverse the effects of judgment, increase self-acceptance, and create our own happiness? By practicing self-acceptance rather than self-evaluation. One of the simplest and most natural methods of reducing self-evaluation and replacing it with acceptance is to assume a mindset of mindfulness rather than mindlessness (Langer, 1989).

“One important aspect of self-acceptance is the ability and willingness to let others see ones true self. Living mindfully entails living life without pretense and without concern that others are judging one negatively. The person who lives mindfully is fully ‘‘in the moment” and is not worried about how he or she is coming across to others. Mindful individuals are truly authentic in that they are fully engaged with the environment. On the other hand, those who disengage with the moment begin to behave the way others think they should behave” ~ Shelley H. Carson and Ellen J. Langer

Think about it, what are your roadblocks to self-acceptance? Are you living in the moment or judging and monitoring your thoughts and actions to appease others? Are you learning from your mistakes and moving on or are you stuck in a time loop, reliving your mistakes, wishing for a different outcome? Remember, for every negative experience there's something positive that can be learned from it. There's an old maxim that says, “If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough.”

You are a work in progress. Be willing to laugh at yourself and take life less seriously. Begin to catch yourself in negative self-talk and re-frame your thoughts towards the positive. Practice gratitude and journal the good and joyous memories and current events. Learn to enhance your self-awareness and follow your intuition.

Remember, mindfulness will help reverse self-evaluation and lead to increased self-acceptance and happiness. Avenues to mindfulness are through the practice of hypnosis, meditation, sound healing, chanting, and energy work etc.

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Click the Action for Happiness calendar above for additional "action" steps that will lead you to happiness!


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