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Code of Ethics



~ I commit to ensuring all interactions are carried out with the highest level of dignity and with the safety and welfare of my         clients as my primary focus. 


~ I respect the right and freedom of my client to choose whether to enter, remain, and discontinue the client/practitioner               relationship. 


~ I submit that true growth and change is best realized through open and honest communication between myself and the               client as well as the clients ability to be honest with themselves. 


~ I respectively encourage and submit to establishing collaborative relationships with other professionals my client may be           receiving services from; upon the written and signed authority of release from my client. 


~ All client information will be held confidential unless a release of information has been signed by the client; there is concern     for the clients life; concern for the life of another; an order  is issued for the release of information by a court. 


~  I will not discriminate because of race, color, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, political opinion, or national      ancestry and celebrate the unique qualities and characteristics of each client. 


~ I will respectively avoid imposing my values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors on my client, especially when my values are           inconsistent with my clients goals. I do however reserve the right to discontinue my services if my client's goals are harmful       or dangerous in nature at which time I will refer to an appropriate professional. 


~ I honor my client's and my own Intuition, Inspiration, and Insight and will request for the allowance from my client to speak       freely and share as ideas evolve. 


~ I commit to a clear understanding of boundaries and ensure the client/practitioner relationship remains professional and           free from romantic/sexual interactions. This prohibition applies to both in-person and electronic interactions. 


~ I commit to passionately advocating for the growth and development of my clients. 


~ I commit to continuing my education and staying abreast of fresh ideas and practices in my chosen fields. 


~ I commit to teaching self-hypnosis, stress management, and providing life-skills tools that encourages and allows for the           enhancement of my clients independence, self-esteem, and self-direction.


~ I honor my client's goals by supporting them within the boundaries of our professional relationship! 


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