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You're going through your daily routine, making sandwiches for school lunches, ironing your work clothes, or gassing up at the pump, and the negative self-talk begins to distract you. As you follow it down the path of least resistance, you eventually realize that the task you're participating in becomes more difficult, and frustration with your daily circumstances build. You think to yourself, "There has to be more to life."

The truth is, YOU ARE RIGHT, there is more! Say it out loud a few times,

"I am right to believe there is more to life than I have allowed myself to experience!" Remember, I said to repeat it a few times, which is more than twice. Now that you have said it out loud, have an awareness of the following.

How does it feel emotionally, exciting, scary, liberating, false?

Where do you feel it in your body, heart, lungs, gut?

What thoughts proceed it throughout your day? Track and journal this.

Having an awareness of the emotion, thought, feeling, and where you feel it gives clues to something that needs healing, strengthened, changed, or removed.

What is that ONE THING you have wanted to experience and explore that you've pushed aside, swept under the carpet, and buried alive? What was your reasoning behind it? Did you blame it on the obligations to your family, employer, religious or personal identity? If you think about it, you will begin to recall all the opportunities presented that you didn't take, all the times the phone rang, but you didn't answer or maybe you answered then carelessly hung up!

If any of the above "rings true" to you, I encourage you to watch the documentary below. It is enlightening, inspirational, raw, and real. If you're interested in exploring the manifestation of your bliss, relieving stress, forming a pathway, or deepening your connection to life, contact me at, message me from my website, I offer the following services:

Transpersonal Hypnosis

Empowerment Coaching



Remember, Small Steps, Great Distances.

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