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What is your learning style?  




Visual learners process through pictures and speak using visual terminology. 


Are these statements true for you?

I use visual images to remember names. 


I prefer written instruction rather than oral.


I am very concerned with the way I look.





Kinesthetic learners experience through touch and emotion.


Are these statements true for you?


I enjoy crafts, handiwork, and building things. 


I enjoy playing sports more than watching them. 


I choose to buy clothes because of the way the material feels.


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Auditory learners process through sound and self-talk.


Are these statements true for you?

I prefer to keep up with current events by listening to the radio.


I use rhyming words to help me remember things. 


I prefer having an employer verbally explain things to me. 






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Brain vs. Mind


The brain is the physical aspect of one's mental capacity while the mind refers to the, spiritual, metaphysical, or non-physical aspect.




Right Brain

Our right brain enables us to imagine, create, and visualize, and is more open to feeling than thought. 

Left Brain

Our left brain represents the conscious mind and enables us to rationalize, analyze, judge, and think logically. 



      Finding Balance

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